Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gradual Return to Warmer Temperatures On the Way. More Rain Chances Expected for Next Week.

If you have been outside a lot, chances are you are wondering: Where the heck is summer?  It feels more early Spring/Fall-like.  After the recent passage of the strong cold front from last week that featured the storms, that brought our temperatures down to below normal, allowing those highs to drop to more in the 70s instead of 80s or 90s.  Thanks to the solid cloud deck from earlier today, that prevented temperatures from warming up much despite getting into the eventual break out of the sun.

Don't get too used to it, because this will unfortunately come to an end as highs are progged to warm back up into the 80s and  possibly low 90s again later this week so hopefully you have been taking advantage of the cooldown.  With the return of the heat comes more thunderstorm chances in the offing as we get into the weekend and through at least the early part of next week.  Can't rule out some shower or storm to affect someone for the time being until that period comes.    

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Day of Heat Before a Brief Break. More Showers and Storms in the Offing

About time that I managed to put in another update.  Thanks to having Memorial Day plans, not to mention getting used to a brand new computer I recently purchased (HP Pavillion G7 laptop), I could not be on here for updates regarding our tropical system Beryl.

Thankfully that will now be pulling away from our region and should be fully gone by tomorrow.  Rain still coming down a good bit along the NC coast so just one more day for them before it's all said and done.  Plenty of welcoming rain to go around for folks so no complaints there, although extreme southeastern GA and especially northern FL got whaled on with several inches!  Too much of a good thing, as always the case in the situations.

Tomorrow may feature some pretty hot temperatures as well across the region.  Some folks across the Southeast may experience low to mid 90s for highs.  Terrible stuff but thankfully by the Friday-Saturday period the weather will feature a nice break from that as highs get knocked by down into the upper 70s to mid 80s, plus those days also feature very good shower and storm chances so that will make for an even greater relief effect if you get caught underneath such.  For next week, those highs go back up into the 80s to low 90s again later that week but at least by then it will be the beginning of early June so it's fitting for meteorological summer.

Have a great day folks!    

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Seemingly Drier Outlook to Round Out the Week. Coastal Low Effect for the Weekend? Warmer Temperatures Returning.

What a soaking few days it has been.  Several rounds of showers and storms occurred for many locations for the early part of this week, especially for the Carolinas.  Reports of 2-4 inches of rain were accounted, as I figured there would be based on what modeling was suggesting late last week.  Absolutely terrific for those who were in dire need of the rain to be relieved of the drought.  There is still some action occurring right now across parts of the Carolinas through southern GA, and that will likely persist for the rest of tonight.

Things finally appear to be drying out from Thursday, into the weekend, and beyond.  However, across the Carolinas and Eastern GA, it seems that more showers and a few storms may be in the cards for today but elsewhere it appears dry.  The weekend looks okay as of now but eyes will need to be kept on a developing coastal low that could bring some rain along the Eastern portions of the Carolinas for the weekend and maybe back further west but for now I will say it looks more dry than wet.  Warmer temperatures also seem to be making their comeback so now a range somewhere in the 80s looks to make a return instead of what we have been experiencing as of late.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not As Warm Over the Next 7 Days. More Opportunities for Showers and Storms to Come. Potential Major Rain Event Down the Road.

Things have certainly been wet across parts of the region as showers and storms moved through, putting down some beneficial rainfall so thankfully, the increased chances for rain did come to past.  Some areas, such as Charlotte, finally received the first true rain event after remaining dry for quite a while.  Luckily we appear to have more chances on the way as we get into the weekend and through next week as well.  Temperatures don't look to be as warm (70s instead of 80s-low 90s) so things should feel more comfortable across the Southeast instead of dealing with early Summer heat.

Long-range suggesting the development of a cut-off in the Southeast sometime next week, which holds potential to put down some serious rain totals and if that were to verify, it will definitely aid in drought relief where it's needed (talking 1 to possibly 4 inch rain totals) per recent runs of the GFS.  Nothing in stone yet but bears watching over the next several days.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back in the Saddle Once More. Late Spring Heat on the Rise with Shower and Storm Chances

Finally getting back to blogging again after a very busy few weeks with plans and such so I apologize for the lack of updates.  I'll try to cover all that I can regarding the rest of this week into next week.

If there is a time to start considering how much you'll be using the AC, now would be appropriate as highs are looking to keep pushing through the 80s and even some locations getting into 90 degree readings for highs for the rest of this week.  As far as rain chances go, we currently have a system going on back west that will be throwing back plenty of showers and storms through the rest of today and into tonight across MS and AL. There doesn't look to be anything overly-impressive as there only appears to be a general 20-40 percent chance for most locations (save for a few that stand at least a decent chance) as we finish up this week, which is going to make drought relief hard to come by where the rain's needed most.  For the Carolinas, the rain chances don't really show up until the weekend (excluding some mountain locations) while places further west will see potential from tonight and through Thursday.  By next week, the heat (and unfortunately rain chances) look to continue, at least through the early part.  We'll see if we luck out with getting increased chances for showers and storms to keep the heat in control but as of now, it looks like Summer is already making its visit to the Southeast for the time being.

Stay safe and stay cool.  Enjoy the rest of the week.  I will probably go back to doing these weekly updates unless something major appears (e.g. severe outbreak) to be in the works, which in that case there will be daily updates.